Pellvac® was founded in 2005 by Thore Fridhill, an entrepreneur from the south of Sweden whose experience with vacuum systems extends over more than 30 years. The business in Strömsnäsbruk (Sweden) focuses on vacuum tranportation of pellets for residence housings.

The company’s main focus is Research & Development, which is why Pellvac can offer an independent expert consultancy for the pellets industry. We provide direct contact with an experienced product developer who can give you industry independent answers to your questions.

The ash cyclone Whirlwind is, with its unconventional construction and high separation grade just one example of the fruits of Pellvac’s research.

The production of Pellvacs products is made by industrial construction companies well renommated for their high and robust quality. You can buy Pellvac’s products from boiler distributors, or from local installation firms.

All good things are three!

A new three-way valve enables you to use your central vacuum cleaner for pellets tranport, cleaning out ashes or cleaning the house!

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Don’t miss our video about pellet handling. Here you can get some ideas.

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