As a pioneer in the vaccum business in the 70’s Thore Fridhill developed a new concept for industrial vacuum transportation that today is global standard with many spin-offs. A number of important patents and over 30 years of experience with vacuum techniques makes Fridhill a requested consultant for energy efficiency and vacuum transportation issues.

In 1972 Fridhill develops the Hillco Suction Conveyor and founds Hillcomatic AB. The next patent is the automatic mixing chamber for vacuum tranport, 1976. With suction technology Fridhill, together with Electrolux, develops the so called Windcleaner concept for the cleaning of buses in 1980. In 1986 he sells the business part of Hillcomatic but keeps the immaterial rights. Over the next 10 years Fridhill closes licence agreements on vacuum transportation with e.g. Electrolux Limpesa Ltda Brasil, Kockums Melbourne Australia, Fläkt-Axel Johnson South Africa and ABB-Fläkt Calcutta India.

The business takes a completely different direction when Thore Fridhill in 1996 develops a product for ecological weed removal; the salt dispenser “MASKIS” (patented) that is being sold today in many countries all over the world. After a couple of years he sells the salt dispenser, moves to Strömsnäsbruk in Sweden and starts Pellvac AB( 2005). With the help of his know-how in vacuum techniques Fridhill now develops a suction system for villa pellets; from storage to boiler with suction transportation. This work also results in the ash cyclone WHIRLWIND (design protected) which seems to be the only functioning product with 99% separation degree for suction cleaning of ashes on the market today.

As a consultant in the vacuum industry Thore Fridhill has lately performed development projects for NIBE Villavärme and the Ariterm-Group in Kalmar (Sweden). This year, Fridhill partakes in the re-building of PAROC’s (Rockwool) factory in Hässleholm (Sweden). The factory is being made dust free according to a concept that Fridhill launched already in 1975, where conveying belts are being replaced by vacuum transportation.

All good things are three!

A new three-way valve enables you to use your central vacuum cleaner for pellets tranport, cleaning out ashes or cleaning the house!

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