New three-WAy valve:
VACUUM TRANPORT, vacuum cleaning and cleaning out ashes from the boiler with the same system

Pellvacs suction system for pellets is the best possible solution for narrow boiler and storage rooms. With the help of a central vacuum cleaner the pellets are transported to the boiler from a storage outside, for example in the garden. With the new three-way valve you will be able to use the same compontents to fill your weekly storage, clean out the ashes from the boiler AND vacuum clean your house!

  • Pellvac makes daily pellets handling redundant.
  • Pellvac automatically fills the boiler room storage AND feeds pellets to the boiler - even when you're not at home.

Begin with our Start up-Kit and extend it at your own pace into a fully automatic system that saves time and energy.


Still carrying around heavy pellet bags?

Don’t miss our video about pellet handling. Here you can get some ideas.

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