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All good things are three!

A new three-way valve enables you to use your central vacuum cleaner for pellets tranport, cleaning out ashes or cleaning the house!

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The Inventor

As a pioneer in the vaccum business in the 70’s Thore Fridhill developed a new concept for industrial vacuum transportation that today is global standard with many spin-offs. A number of important patents and over 30 years of experience with vacuum techniques makes Fridhill a requested consultant for energy efficiency and vacuum transportation issues.

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Smart suction conveying of pellets

Pellvac has in short time established itself as the leading Scandinavian supplier of vacuum conveying systems for pellets applications in residantial homes. The development and research at Pellvac R&D (Research & Development) is lead by an engineer who previously designed hundreds of vacuum conveying systems for heavy industrial applications.

Pellvac’s suction systems are based on the following principle:
With the help of a central vacuum cleaner the pellets are tranported from an easily accessible pellets storage (for example in the garden) to the boiler room where pellets are automatically and continously fed to the boiler. The advantage: you will never again have to carry heavy sacks of pellets to your boiler room. Even the pellets

The ash-cyclone without filter (WHIRLWIND) with its unconventional design and its astounding separation efficiency ( 99%) is a good example of the ingenuity from the Pellvac researchteam. Try it, and you will be convinced.

Still carrying around heavy pellet bags?

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